Tuesday, June 19
10.00  Maria Garzelli : QCD methods for computing CR-induced charm hadroproduction
11.00  Yoshiki Tsunesada : Latest results from the Telescope Array
14.00  Al Muller TBA + discussion

Wednesday, June 20
10.00  Allesio Tiberio : Review of latest LHCf results at √s = 13 TeV
11.00  Piotr Kotko :      Studying saturation with semi-hard jets
14.00  Mark  Strikman  : Color fluctuations and forward physics
16.00  Matteo Cacciari : Discussion on hadron production

Thursday, June 21
Public Lectures
Conference Dinner

Friday, June 22
morning SKYPE talk by Jose Bellido: Measurements of the cosmic ray composition with the Pierre Auger Observatory


Markus Ahlers (IceCube) Niels Bohr Institute, Kopenhagen markus.ahlers (at)
Jose Bellido (Pierre Auger Coll.) University of Adelaide, Australia jose.bellidocaceres (at)
Boris Blok Technion, Haifa, Israel blok (at)
Matteo Cacciari University Paris-VII, France cacciari (at)
Yuri Dokshitzer CNRS, France yuri (at)
Maria Vittoria Garzelli INFN, Italy garzelli (at)
Piotr Kotko Krakow Nuclear Physics Institute pxk19 (at)
Alfred Mueller Columbia University, New York amh (at)
Anna Stasto Penn State University, USA astasto (at)
Mark Strikman Penn State University, USA mxs43 (at)
Alessio Tiberio (LHCf) University of Florence, Italy alessio.tiberio (at)
Yoshiki Tsunesada (Telescope Array) Osaka City University, Japan yt (at)